Being A New Home Owner!

Being A New Home Owner!

Many of you will know that my husband and I moved into our first home just over two years ago. I wanted to fill you in on all that we’ve done so far. Tears and tantrums and all. Owning a home is not the easiest of things to do, its possibly one of the most stressful yet rewarding thing to have. A lot of people buying their first home go for a new build, usually due to the fact they’re already modern and there wont be anything to do other than decorate. Theres absolutely nothing wrong with that and sometimes I wish we had done the same, because this house has really put us to the test, emotionally, physically and financially. Here’s why…


Joni was adamant from the start that he wanted a project, I thought ok fair enough, it will be nice to really make it our own. Then as time went on we began to realise just how much work needed doing, it’s a lot of little things to be able to create big changes. I will be the first to admit that I think we were pretty naïve when it came to buying a house for a project. We’ve been in two years and not even a 1/4 of the way finished. To be honest I’d be surprised if we were done by 10 years. I’ve heard that people are never settled with their house, it’ll take them years to decorate, room by room and by the time they’re “finished”, the first room needs redecorating again. Another thing is that we aren’t interior designers or builders, so this means we’re having to get help. So what began as being a project for us, ended up being a project for our friends and family who have all mucked in to help. Especially my step-dad. I’m not going to blow smoke up his ass, but he’s single handily done the majority of the downstairs. He’s put all our kitchen in, all the flooring down, wall papered our living room. Seriously, I dread to think what state the house would be in if he hadn’t done all he has.

First Problem
So on our first night it was very exciting, we had dominoes on the floor on our bean bags whilst watching TV. I then thought it would be a great idea to have a bath. We hadn’t worked out the boiler, but there was a switch on the outside of the bathroom that said “hot water”. I thought “great, it has been made idiot proof”. Within minutes water was dripping through the ceiling from the loft. “JONIIIIII, QUICK QUICK THE CEILING IS LEAKING”, Joni came racing up the stairs and grabs multiple towels and I switch off the hot water button. Out came our phones and who did we call, my step-dad of course. Little did he know that this was the beginning of a whole heap of tasks in our home. He checked out the loft and we found out we had an old boiler with a huge tank full of water that overflowed and bubbled its way down through our ceiling. We weren’t even in there 24 hours before we nearly flooded the place, or should I say “I”. So a few thousand pounds later and we had a new boiler. Possibly one of the few things we prayed wouldn’t go wrong because of the expense.

Shit happens
You’re probably wondering what this next part could mean, don’t panic, there was no poo involved just one ceramic toilet and one husband with a hammer. We hadn’t changed our bathroom yet so it was still the old ceramic toilet, sink and bath. This was fine, we made do and it did it’s job. One day we both discussed about getting a new toilet seat, after all it would be nice to add a bit of colour and modernity to the room. I left Joni to change the seat, I thought it must be pretty straight forward, what could go wrong? About an hour or so after leaving I get a call. He’s only gone and smashed the whole bloody toilet with his hammer, there was a crack right through the middle that with a little force would’ve collapsed the whole thing. YAY! Just what we needed. Luckily we have another toilet downstairs otherwise we would’ve been screwed. A few thousand later and we had a new, but unplanned decorated bathroom suite. We were not having much luck.


Financial stress of a new home
When you buy a new build I expect that most of your expense goes on decor like wallpaper, paint, photo frames, artwork. etc. I would love it if that was the case with us, but it’s not. Every bit of money we get goes straight into our house, we’ve had things like a new staircase, new kitchen, new bathroom, whole new electric wiring system put through the entire house, plastered ceilings and so much more. As you can imagine, this is not cheap, but we’ve done well because my step dad and dad have saved us a hell of a lot of money by offering their services free. They’ve easily saved us £20,000 between them. The problem with me and Joni is that we want everything done yesterday, but we have to learn to be patient. We’re now currently at a point where we’re saving to do the next bit. We still have a long way to go, we have all the bedrooms upstairs to get stuck into. We’re hoping to have at least two done by early next year, to allow us to welcome foreign exchange students for a month. However we shall see how that goes.


Memories and a bit of advice
The great thing about owning your own home is that you can make it your own, you will make so many memories and have so much freedom. Our goal is to possibly have a detached house, but right now we are focusing on what we have and making it the best we can. Our house is big enough to stay in forever, we would just prefer to have a detached house and to not worry about the noise we’re making. Our neighbours only have to sneeze and I can hear them, god knows what they think of us when we are play fighting with the dogs. It’s great fun nonetheless and if I can give one piece of advice for those who still live at home, now is your best opportunity to save to get yourself on the property ladder. No, that’s not what I did and I wont go into our deal because, well, that’s no ones business, BUT if we didn’t do what we did we would 100% have saved.

This is blog 1 of the progress on our home. I will keep you updated on all things Holderness Home. We’ve got the garden to get into and the bedrooms that we will hopefully be starting soon. Thanks for reading x


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