My Fitness/Food Diary: Week One

My Fitness/Food Diary: Week One

Before the new year some of you will recall that I promised you a FLOG (made that up), which stands for, fitness log. Now, I’m seriously not the fittest of people out there and this needs to change. I am 100% one of those people who constantly and I mean CONSTANTLY complaining about my size. I’ll be the one in the Chinese takeaway line saying “urgh I hate how much my belly pokes out”, but still make that order. I don’t worry so much about my weight because I do believe they are just numbers, for example, you can start working out and notice that you’re becoming heavier. 9/10 this is because you are putting on muscle. I absolutely have no excuses as to why I can’t change my lifestyle, but I do manage to find one every time someone asks me to go to the gym. I mean for crying out loud my husband is a qualified personal trainer, why the hell aren’t I taking advantage of him? See, no excuses. A little thing to know about me is that I am a big foodie, I LOVE food and the mere mention of it will catch my attention. This is my biggest downfall, once I crack my will power, I’ll be laughing.

Starting Weight Week One: 64.6kg

Day One
Day one didn’t got too bad. I had a slice of toast for breakfast, went to work and then bathed my dog. This meant that I unintentionally skipped lunch. Anyone in the fitness world knows its not great to skip meals, so this was not a great factor. I then went into my mums and I’m sure you’ve all experienced this at some point. We all know that our parents cupboards are SO much more interesting than our own. There will be chocolate and crisps and biscuits. Well, on this occasion there were small packs of mini cookies. Oh. My. God. They look amazing! So I had two packs, which probably equates to maybe four full cookies. Oops. However, I did come home and do a two mile run plus thirty minutes of padwork with the hubby… and then I had an Eaton mess. Crap!

Day Two
For breakfast it was shreddies, got to love some shreddies. Only a small bowl to kick start the day, then about 11:30ish I had a fruit and yoghurt biscuit type thing. Not the best snack but certainly not the worst. Unfortunately today I’ve had a packet of crisps, a freddo AND another Eaton mess tonight. I am a mess. I have pathetic will power. However I will stand up for myself and say that compared to my “normal” days, this is good. Once home I went for a two mile run in the rain which was oddly nice and refreshing. I really would love to take up yoga, I feel like I need to experience exercise along with meditation. It looks like something I need and would really enjoy.

Day Three
Up early today walking the dogs, then to come home and have a small bowl of shreddies. First day that I’ve not felt really hungry between breakfast and lunch and haven’t had a snack. At work I had to go on a little adventure with a dog so had to walk up a few big hills, I volunteered straight away for this because it’s important I add in whatever little exercise I can. Honestly my advice would be to fit in what you can. Even if it means taking the stairs up to your office instead of the lift. When I got back it was time for lunch. I had a small homemade chilli using turkey mince. Turkey mince is very popular in my house as it is that little bit healthier than beef. We have tried quorn mince before because again it’s better for you but it was not nice at all. I couldn’t even tolerate it to eat the whole meal. Which is a shame, but quorn chicken isn’t bad at all.

Day Four
So this morning I just didn’t fancy any “proper” breakfast. I just wasn’t really that hungry and it’s bad because it is the most important meal and it shouldn’t be skipped. So instead I ate a Go Ahead forest fruits yoguhut biscuit. Well biscuits as there are two in a pack. They seem to be my go to snack, they’re very easy to eat, especially when you’re busy. No they’re probably not the healthiest but then surely it’s better than a packet of crisps? Unfortunately when I finished work I had a lot to get on with and therefore had no time for dinner. Naughty! Shouldn’t skip meals. My plan was to eventually get home and go for a run but I was just so so knackered and felt like I needed a sleep. I napped for an hour, before my husband got home and we went on a run together. We went for a three and a half mile run, I found it extremely hard as there were a lot of hills and the heat did not help at all. My quads are going to 100% ache in the morning. I got to the point where I was struggling to lift my feet and was beginning to drag them along. Now I don’t know if that because of the heat or because my quads were feeling achey, probably both. My favourite part of exercising is always my shower after and just standing their feeling great about the fact I got off my ass and did something.

Day Five
Today was cheat day, it was the day that my sister and I have been waiting for, for a while. We were going to watch Little Mix, this meant we weren’t going to have a proper lunch or dinner. It was also rest day for me, no running, no pads just chill and enjoy myself. That I did. It was a fantastic concert with lots of dancing and standing so that’s burnt some calories I suppose. We were very close and we had an awesome night.

Day Six
Unfortunately this was a bad day, consisting of not one bit of exercise. I had a subway for dinner which was incredible by the way and then to my friends bbq in the evening which had me eating burgers and hot dogs. Oops. Let’s not talk much about this day, it hurts my feelings.

Day Seven
Wow, what a brilliant day. No I didn’t have a great day with regards to food as yet again I went to a BBQ. However, I didn’t over indulge this day. I had a mini bag of cookies and then didn’t have anything proper to eat until dinner time where I had a pork baguette. YUM! The reason this day was so great was because myself and my colleagues all took park in a 5k inflatable fun run and it was SO much fun. It was scorching though so we didn’t half sweat. It was great because I felt like a big kid. Does anyone remember the kids programme 50/50, yeah think that and more running. If you haven’t done this run or are thinking about doing it, DO IT. You wont regret it, unless you injure yourself. That would suck.


So week one didn’t go very well lets be honest, im trying and if im truthful, I am NEVER going to be someone who just eats salad and chicken. This to me just isn’t sustainable. Not for someone like me. I love food way too much and if I cut it out, it would be catastrophic. Do you have any tips or woes about your current diet plan? Let me know.

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