My Low Down on Love Island So Far

My Low Down on Love Island So Far

I decided to create a poll on my Twitter account to see what my followers wanted to read. The choices were to hear about what I think of Love Island so far OR what I think it takes to be a Veterinary Nurse. You chose the former, so in this blog I will be discussing Love Island, but fear not all those who voted to hear more about Veterinary Nursing. I endeavour to write a blog on this subject soon.

So lets kick this off. First of all I will admit that I have a guilty pleasure of reality TV. I understand a lot of people despise it and have strong opinions on it, but it doesn’t bother me. Just because someone doesn’t like something, doesn’t mean that everyone else should dislike it. Lets start with the occupants. We were introduced to six slim and very glamorous women all claiming that they’re looking for the love of their lives. Lets be honest, no you’re not, well maybe one or two of you but the rest of you are looking for fame, but that’s ok. Yes it can be very monotonous watching women play up to cameras for air time, but if that’s their prerogative and aim in life then you go for it. We were then introduced to five men that absolutely did nothing for me, personally. Where’s the realism with reality TV these days? All these people do not represent you’re average Jo… or Joanna (I just made that up). First impressions, Dom the best looking chap and I really love the natural beauty of Camilla and Jess.

The Beginning 
So as the days have gone on, already they’re starting to crack and show their true colours. It all started to kick off when the two new boys arrived in the first week, Chris and Jonny and AGAIN I found neither of them had the wow factor when they were introduced. ITV, where are you finding these “men”. I say men in quotation marks because they aren’t the picture of men are they, well that’s just my opinion. I don’t know if I could be with a man who was more obsessed with his looks than I was. I’d be worried that my legs are hairier than his. The only one I’ve seen with some hair on his chest is Jonny. I like Jonny.

First argument
We saw Geordie Sam throw his toys out of the pram because Olivia didn’t want to be with him and fancied Chris. This meant that instead of accepting the fact that he was no longer fancied by anyone, he took it out on Chris. Now don’t get me wrong, I think Chris is an immature arrogant arse, but did he really do anything wrong? Up until this episode, I really liked Olivia, but she showed a completely different side to her, the anger in her face when she went for Montana. Lovely Montana, the peace keeper, the one who isn’t afraid to say how she feels about a situation, especially when she kept antagonising Sam. That bit her back on her very pert bum. And how dare she shout at our Marcel! Olivia in my opinion has been through a lot in her life or past relationships and wont take crap off anyone, but in doing so she is coming across as quite aggressive. She is beginning to look like a hypocrite and really letting herself down. Such a shame, but she has five to turn it around.

Ah the re-coupling, the night that they become twitchy, hoping they’ll get picked so that they stay on for more airtime, sorry I mean to find their true love. So there’s two new people and as we saw the lovely Camilla and Jonny, aka Camilla, rekindle their feelings. Now I don’t know about you but my cheeks were hurting from genuinely smiling throughout their whole date. Jamilla for life! The very thought of new girl Tyla mentioning Jonny set the British public into a frenzy with people vowing to fly themselves out there. Seriously the tweets I’ve seen have had me in stitches. But she decided to keep it safe and go with Dom. Bless her, she’s clearly done this to keep the peace because let’s be honest who would want to take on Olivia and who would want to upset Camilla? Hey, you never know they may hit it off but right now Dom is still down in the dumps about Jess leaving, but is that all about to change? Ah! Jess, right I have something to say about these rumours. Just before I move on I would like to call it now, Jamilla to win and Garcel to come second.

Are the rumours true?
Ok so a lot of you will know that there is a particular rumour going around about Jess and Mike sleeping with each other the night they left the island. The first publication came from The Sun, now any intellectual person would not take what they have to say as gospel and it’s truly astounding me the amount of people believing it. Not only this but now supposedly she whispered “let’s f**k tonight” or something like that, when they were voted off. I’ve watched this video in high volume multiple times and unless you have the worlds best hearing, you cannot make out what or if anything was said. So I decided to snoop on Jessica’s Instagram. What I found deeply angered and actually upset me. She would post pictures associated with Love Island, scroll down to the comments and you’ll read “you f**ked Mike” “you’re a slag”, etc. Now I thought in this day and age, given the previous stories in the world, that cyber bullying was on the decrease. What I saw was clear evidence of disgusting trolls and down right bullying. So if you’re one of those people, you should be utterly ashamed of yourself. True or not and just for the record I think its NOT true, this does not give anyone the right to come out with these comments. How would you feel if someone said this to your sister or your best friend? Rant over!

Kem and Amber
Hmmm. I quite liked them together to begin with, I thought they were going to be the new Nathan and Cara, but I’m starting to see changes. Poor Kem looks like he’s at his wits end with Amber. He’s obviously not feeling it anymore and I feel for him because I think he really wants it to work. I think her age is starting to show now, she is coming across quite immature and doesn’t seem genuine about Kem. Every time a new guy comes in, she’s on it like flies round shit and I think Kem is starting to see that. We’ll see how this pans out but I don’t foresee them staying together. Do you?

What are your opinions on the show so far? Who do you see staying together and who do you think is a snake? 


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