5 Top Films

5 Top Films

Ok, so I previously wrote a blog on my top 5 films. I got a lot of feedback and conversations were started and then other films came to light and I just couldn’t believe I hadn’t included them. Lets start with the very beautiful man that is Gerard Butler.

Law Abiding Citizen
If you’re in to revenge stories then this is one hell of a revenge movie. Gerard Butler plays a man who had to watch his wife getting raped and then murdered, as well as his daughter, by two men who broke into their home. Whats even sicker, they left Gerard’s character to live with what he had witnessed that night, scarring him for life.  To add insult to injury, one of the culprits got away with it. So what did he do? He sought revenge on all those that did him an injustice. I must say this isn’t for the faint hearted, there are some real gruesome scenes and as always Butler does an amazing job with his character. Lets just say, he isn’t someone you would want to cross.

London Has Fallen
Yep, another Gerard Butler movie. As you can tell, I quite like action movies and they’re made better if Gerard is the lead role. What makes this film scary is the fact it is so current and relevant to the world we live in today. In fact, the creators had to put a hold on releasing this on the original date due to a terrorist attack, as it would of been seen in bad taste. Anyway, I don’t want to focus on terrorism in this blog, I want to focus merely on the brilliance of how it was put together. It’s a very well thought out film and the chemistry between Gerard Butler and Aaron Eckhart is fantastic. You can tell that these two are good friends behind the scenes. That’s what I love about movies like this because you can see how well they connect, it makes for better watching that’s for sure. So if you like guns, explosions and satisfying endings then this is the film for you.

Eddie the Eagle
When I published my last movie blog I was very disappointed in myself, I was kicking myself that I didn’t add this film. I remember talking to my best friend about it and cursing myself. Films like this aren’t usually my cup of tea, but this was released when I used to work in a cinema. I would have to do screen checks to make sure customers were behaving and that the movie was running smoothly. I found that every time I went in to do a check, I was becoming increasingly drawn into the movie. Meaning my checks went from 2 minutes to five minutes each time, to the point where I thought “nope, I have to watch this movie”. So instead asked others to check so that I wouldn’t ruin it for myself. If you’re all about inspirational and motivational movies then I’d urge you to watch this. It’s a true story about a young boy who had a dream to be in the olympics, fighting to find the sport that was right for him, until he found Ski Jumping. He flew out last minute to the 1988 winter olympics and became quite the inspiration. Although he didn’t win, he showed that with hard work and determination, you can become anything you want. This is a great feel good movie with fantastic actors Hugh Jackman and Taron Egerton.

Coyote Ugly
Now for the chick flicks. Coyote Ugly. What a classic. I couldn’t tell you the first time I watched this, but I can tell you that I’ve watched this film over 100 times. It’s definitely a film for the women out there. This film depicts what I imagine a lot of people do when trying to chase their dreams, they take on whatever job they can to fund their dreams. What I love about this film is the way they show women banding together and being loyal to one another. Yeah sure, there’s a rocky start but all good friendships have their ups and downs. We also get to see a young Tyra Banks strutting her stuff, what a woman.

 Wonder Woman
Now this one may come as a shock because its very new. I think most of you will know why I like it and that’s because its very refreshing to see a female hero film. Gal Gadot absolutely slays her way through this and was the perfect fit. I wasn’t sure when they first cast her but now after watching it, I am certain she is the right person. I love the beginning of the movie, how it sets the scene and has you wondering what makes her so special, then it get’s a little slow for about half an hour, but as I said they need to set the scene. Once the action kicks in, it’s non stop and its very impressive. I urger you to go out and watch this!


Thank you for reading my blog. I would love to hear your favourite films or have I missed any out? Bye for now.


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