My Trip to London to watch TAKE THAT!

My Trip to London to watch TAKE THAT!

Well Hello there, been a while hasn’t it? I’ve been battling with a huge case of writers block and it really sucks, but I’m here and I’m back! So this weekend I went to London to watch Take That at The O2 Arena. Not only that, but I also got to be a mega cliche tourist and it was brilliant. I’ve been London before, however we didn’t explore as much as I’d of liked. This time we got to see all the things you see on TV. I want to discuss how I felt in light of the recent terror attacks,what I thought about the tube and of course the main event, TAKE THAT. So, lets do this…

How I felt about going to London
A lot of people were asking me whether I was worried/scared about going to London due to recent terror attacks. I would be lying if I said I didn’t think about this fact, but I was not worried. In fact I was excited and couldn’t wait to explore. Yes, when I was on the Westminster bridge I couldn’t help thinking about what had happened only a few weeks ago and it was a topic of conversation. The thing that got me and made me incredibly proud to be british because what I saw wasn’t people scared, it was people altogether in their groups enjoying themselves, eating ice creams and taking pictures of Big Ben. That is what it’s about, enjoying yourself, enjoying London. Not letting these terrorists control how we live and continuing to do what we want and showing a united front.

The Tube
When I went to London four years ago I hated the tube, this time I… still hated the tube. Im sorry but its just not for me at all. Im a small girl who lives at the seaside, so being cramped into a train way underground where its smelly, hot and humid. No, just no! Don’t get me wrong, I could possibly learn to like it and it is a great way of getting around London so it would 100% be my mode of transport if I lived there. I don’t think I could cope with the traffic if I drove in London, I get bad road rage in a small town, let alone a huge and very busy city.

The O2-
Last but by no means least, Take That. So I’ll start from the beginning, which mean the entrance to The O2. Obviously the last time we came we just walking in and there was limited security measures. This time was different, as you can imagine. We arrived at the entrance to long queues, two for those with big bags and two for those with smaller bags and these were to call be checked thoroughly before entering the O2. We then queued to get into the arena and once we got to the doors, there was a second check as well as being made to walk through metal detectors. It was like being at an airport. I thought this was fantastic and should be done at every concert from now on. The great thing about it was that it also gave you the sense of security and safety and put those niggling doubts to the back of your mind.

The Concert-
If you’ve ever been to a Take That concert you’ll know that they know how to put on a good show. They were brilliant and I was elated when we got so close, if only we were close enough to touch them. I got lucky four years ago when I stole a hug off of Gary Barlow, unfortunately didn’t get lucky this year. Tell you what that man isn’t half looking good, he is beautiful and Mark, well I didn’t think a lot of him, but I have a new found love for him. He is a brilliant showman and knows exactly how to get the crowd going. Mark, I salute you. Their show was fantastic and the atmosphere in that arena was astounding. I would urge everyone to go watch it, it was a lot of fun and my favourite tune was Cry, that really got everyone jumping and dancing.

So there you have it. My trip to London. I’ve come to the realisation recently that life is way too short so why wonder what if when you can DO IT. Watch this space because I am living my life how I wish and no one and nothing will hinder that. Bye for now.


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