It’s Ok, it won’t happen to me.

It’s Ok, it won’t happen to me.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about all of the tragedies that happen because so many people have that “it won’t happen to me” attitude. There are two situations specifically that I am talking about and these are…

Using your phone whilst driving

How much news have we had already about people being killed due to someone using their phone whilst driving. It’s one thing to risk killing yourself, but it’s another thing risking the life of those around you. There is so much that police are doing to raise awareness around the dangers off driving whilst using a phone. Yet people are still not getting the message. Only today I drove past someone with their eyes in their lap. It infuriates me because it only takes a second for someone to step out into the road. What happened to hazard perception? Some people obviously just feel they can completely disregard hazards surround driving because that text or song change was do much more important. Please remember that NOTHING is more important than the lives of those around you. THINK before you pick up your phone, stick it in your glove box or bag. Out of sight out of mind, right?


Leaving dogs in hot cars
Dogs are amazing and so fiercely loyal to their owners, they put all their trust in them. So why do people continue to leave their beloved animals in sweltering hot cars. Oh yeah, that’s right because they’re just nipping to the shop or it’s ok because they were only ten minutes. Well that’s long enough for a dog to overheat. Just know that you’re playing with your dogs life doing this. Imagine sitting in a sauna fully clothed, it would get really hot and uncomfortable wouldn’t it? You may even pass out, these are the same feelings your dog would have in a boiling hot car. So what do you do if you find a car with dogs left inside, in weather that is far too hot. It’s simple, call 999 and they will talk you for the rest. This could be the difference between a life or death situation so don’t be afraid to call 999. For more info click this link

So moral of today’s blog, think before you act because it might be a choice you’re making between life and death. Bye for now.


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