Mini Book Haul

Mini Book Haul

I’m a huge lover of books and reading them is one of my only hobbies. Sure, there are hobbies I’d love to have, such as, playing the piano or quilting, but right now reading is something I can do. The reason I love books is because it gives you peace and sends you off into a different world. You get to create in your mind what characters and scenes look like. I’ve read many books in my time, usually all the books I read tend to be ones that have been made into films which is fun and quite interesting to spot the similarities and differences. Sometimes the differences leave you having a meltdown like the last Twilight did to me. I remember sitting in the cinema (pictures) and just looking around in utter shock at everyone’s faces as [SPOILER] Carlisle’s head was ripped off, whispering loudly to my sister “WHAT!? This does not happen in the book”. No word of a lie, I nearly walked out there and then. So let’s talk about these three books I’ve just purchased and can’t wait to get my head into.

Big Little Lies 
Some of you may know this title due to it being a TV series but guess what, like all good films and TV series, it was a book first! I only found this out after I had already watched the season finale. If you’re questioning about whether there will be a season two of this series then right now the answer is a no. There is no second book unfortunately but whether author Liane Moriarty will get her head down and create one due to the success of the first, is something that isn’t known yet. Nicole Kidman has already expressed enthusiasm in playing her character Celeste again. So watch this space. I decided I wanted to read the book because I loved the TV series so much, I want to see if they’ve left anything out and really get into the “nitty gritty” of it. I think I’m going to enjoy this one, I love a good thriller book.

A Dogs Purpose
So this one is pretty controversial, well it is in terms of the new movie that has been made. Unfortunately for the makers of the movie, a video came out depicting a German Shepherd being forced into a pool with rapids. This raised a lot of welfare concerns and threatened the release of the movie that was meant to be out at the beginning of this year. Due to these issues, A Dogs Purpose the movie has only just been released. The films producer Gavin Polone wrote an article explaining the situation and by no means he wasn’t making excuses for what his colleagues did. He was utterly disgusted and disappointed by what he had found out. He’s a huge animal lover so this came as a shock to him, prompting him to further investigate what happened. See the article here by clicking this link

I decided to buy the book instead because then I know that no harm came to any animals and it’s purely my imagination. As a huge animal lover, I’m going to thoroughly enjoy this one!

Truly Madly Guilty
This one is from the same talented author of Big Little Lies. I figured it would be just as great given the little taster we’re given in the blurb. If you look at the image below you’ll see what you might be in stall for with this daring domestic thriller. Little fun fact, Reese Witherspoon is a HUGE Liane Moriarty fan, so I bet she was excited when she was asked to play Madeline in Big Little Lies’ TV show.

Other books that I can’t wait to read are my Harry Potter books. I’m obsessed with Harry Potter but yet to read the books. My husband bought me the collection in FIRST addition. I’ve also added two of the newest books in screenplay format which are Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them and Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. I can’t wait to get to stuck into them.

 What are you favourite reads and have you read any of these? Let me know what you think! Bye for now.


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