Contraception. Which one?

Contraception. Which one?

This blog is for all those women out there who can relate to the massive pain in the backside that is, contraception. If you’re one of the lucky few who has contraception that doesn’t cause an issue, then I’m very jealous. I’ve had problems with finding the right contraception for me so I’ve decided to tell you all about it.


The Pill

Of course first and foremost, the pill. The contraceptive pill is probably the most popular form of birth control. It’s usually the first option out of the many out there. I started the pill when I was about sixteen. I started on Microgynon, this gave me spots and as a teen that was a massive confidence breaker. So I quickly came of this one and went onto Mercilon, which subsequently gave me mood swings. NEXT! It was Jasmines turn, again mood swings. Then I went onto Marvilon. Ok you get it, I’ve been on possibly every pill out there. I’ve been on so many that I can’t actually remember the exact reasons why I didn’t stay on them. Turns out I went back onto Mercilon which has been replaced with Gederal. This pill seems to suit me best, however this leads me into my second problem. Now, I don’t know about anyone else but if my life depended on remembering to take the damn thing, I’d certainly be a goner by now. I’ve tried everything, I’ve put it in my bag, I’ve put it in the bathroom next to my toothbrush. I’ve even downloaded an app on my phone to ping me alerts/reminders, but this means nothing if I don’t have my pill on me at the time. Heck, I could sellotape the pack to my forehead and still forget. Suffice to say, I regularly missed my pill which rendered the whole thing pointless. It frustrates the crap out of me that I forget all the time and I literally want to kick myself and say “sort your life out girl, it’s just one tiny little pill to remember!”. So, the pill doesn’t really work out for me 👎🏼

The Contraceptive Patch
I like this one. You only have to remember to change it once a week and you don’t even know it’s there. See here’s my problem with it. I think to myself, “how does a sticker prevent me from getting pregnant”, so psychologically I convince myself it must not work. Not only that but when it gets wet, the corners start peeling slightly. Even though it clearly states that you can have baths and swim with them on. It says in the “instructions” that if it begins to peel off, then replace it. Which means that I’d have to replace it after every shower. Where’s the sense in that? However, I’m willing to give it another try.

These are the only two I’ve tried but I wanted to express why I don’t want to try the other forms of contraception.

The Implant 
The reason I don’t want to try this is because I don’t think I could physically sit through the nurse making an incision and putting a foreign object inside and underneath the skin of my arm. I’ve also heard that a person with this form of contraception is prone to weight gain. As someone who is always worrying about her weight and body, this is not something I am willing to risk. The weight loss is probably subjective, so depends on the individuals but I bet I would be the one who puts on. I’ve just got to weigh up (excuse the pun) what’s more important, contraception or my confidence because if I gain weight, I know I won’t be confident in my own skin.

The IUD or “The Coil”
It lasts for 5-10 years and it sits at the top of your uterus. It works by stopping the sperm and egg from surviving in the womb. I actually requested to have this before I began the patch, I had an appointment and was all set to go. Then the doctor said, that he had it all set up ready, alongside the ultrasound machine which will make sure it’s in place. The procedure would involve being measured and then the IUD being fit. He then said, it’s a very invasive and painful procedure. I thought, great thanks for that doctor, just what I want to hear. However he had a couple different options that he wanted me to try first and because I hadn’t, I thought I best had. So I took a pack of patches and never went through with having the coil fitted.

Vaginal Ring
What the hell? What even is that and how does it work? Well, I didn’t stay long enough to find out. Doesn’t seem like something I would want to try, but do tell me if anyone else has tried this and have opinions. I suppose I can’t knock it until I’ve tried.
What does everyone else think? What contraceptive methods do you rate? I think the patch is the best one for me but I definitely need some reassurance about it from the professionals. Thanks for reading guys, bye for now.


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