Three things I hate about Christmas.

Three things I hate about Christmas.

1. When people buy new puppies.

So at the top of list, which will come as no surprise to most, is when people buy new puppies as Christmas presents. Don’t get me wrong, if you’ve done your research and know what you’re letting yourself in for then go ahead and get your puppy. However, there are far too many people out there who get puppies because they’re a cute “stand out” present and who doesn’t love getting a new puppy? What they don’t understand is, that working Cocker Spaniel you just bought, yeah he/she will need about two hours a day walking if not, more. Same goes for breeds like Alaskan Malamutes/Huskies, Retrievers etc. Or that pug you bought, could very well need surgery later on in life to help them breath better. Costing over a thousand pounds. Oh and they should be insured and will need continuous preventative treatment throughout their life, like flea and worming treatments and vaccinations. It’s the people who buy puppies because they’re cute and then as soon as they start costing money or they start becoming too much of a handful because they didn’t do their research on the breed and they soon realise they need a lot of exercise. Those are the people that really grind my gears. Do not get a puppy unless you are 100% ready for the commitment of having a dog. There are too many poor dogs AND cats in rescue centres, spending Christmas without a family. Please think before impulse buying 😊

2. Getting engaged at Christmas

Not much to say on this subject other than I think there are more creative ways of proposing than doing it around Christmas. For me it screams, I can’t think of a decent present but we’ve been together a few years so I’ll propose. Yes I know, it’s not like this for everyone and in some circumstances it can be romantic. It’s a lovely time to ask your girlfriend or boyfriends to marry you but wouldn’t you rather do it on a day where it’s not overshadowed by everyone else’s proposals and that amazing coat your friend got for Christmas that they wanted for months? I can feel the hate already coming from this, I’m pretty sure my Dad proposed to my Step mum on Christmas Day too. But this doesn’t apply to them of course, I was there, it was cute as hell! Yeah yeah, I know, double standard.

3. Christmas decorations up before December

Now I’m going to take a wild guess that I’m not the only one that gets all bah humbug and annoyed by the weirdos putting Christmas decs up in any month other than December. If you’re one of those people that put them up in October then we can’t be friends. If my husband had his way, we too would be one of those weirdos, but I put my foot down. I will not have a Christmassy house with any Christmas music, until it hits December.

Anyway after ranting on, this will be my last blog post for 2016. Have an amazing Christmas with lots of food and alcohol. Don’t piss off that idiot uncle you don’t like and pretend to be a pirate for you nephew when he wants you to. Have a fantastic New Years. I will be back in January when I will be starting a FLOG (fitness log). Yep, I’m one of those people in January. MERRY CHRISTMAS!



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