Top 10 tips for those who have dogs that are terrified of fireworks.

Top 10 tips for those who have dogs that are terrified of fireworks.

Imagine your greatest fear or something that absolutely petrifies you. Imagine that something is happening around you or is locked in the room with you and you have no escape at all and you’re having a panic attack and you just can’t catch your breath and even if you try to hide its still right there. This is how a large proportion of dogs feel about fireworks. No matter what us dog owners do, there’s not a lot that can truly keep them calm and it’s heartbreaking knowing there’s nothing you can do to help. It’s not just dogs who suffer, there are a number of animals who suffer, just think of wildlife for example. So here are some tips, I think you may find useful…

1. Make sure you take your dog for a walk and to toilet before nightfall, this will avoid you having to take them out when fireworks are being let off.

2. Make up a little den for them, somewhere they’re going to see as their safe place. Maybe a crate with a blanket over the top or a small tablet with a blanket over the top.

3. When the fireworks do start going off, encourage your pooch to go into their safe place.

4. Maybe begin playing a CD with such noises on, getting your dog used to the sounds he/she will be hearing.

5. Switch on the TV of Radio, this will help drown out the noise of fireworks and distract your dog.

6. Make sure all doors are locked and that there are no escape routes in your garden.

7. Distract them by playing some fun games inside and giving them some tasty treats.

8. Try talking to a dog behaviourist on what they think might be best for your dog.

9. If they’re puppies, as hard as it is, don’t reassure them or even pick them up to “watch” the fireworks, this can reinforce them to continue being scared. Just act as normal as you can, almost ignoring the noises.

10. Lastly, if all the above fails or have already been tried. Contact your vet for advice and see if they have any medicinal help for your dog. Maybe a natural pheromone plug-in or tablets?

I hope this helped and I hope your dog will get through these next few months because we all know that from November, right through to January, there will be non stop fireworks.



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